Chánka is all about connection – with ourselves, with nature, with memories and with our loved ones.

I named my candle shop - "Chánka"  after my Grandmother. A beautiful and strong woman. She is a hard working woman, who raised Six Children by herself. She had health problems, but kept taking care of her grandchildren as well, as her children. I wanted to honor her name and her hard work. Chánka is a gagauzian name. My grandmother is an immigrant from Gagauzia and now she lives here in USA California, and by this day she's trying to help everyone. I love her and honor her name. 

Chánka created in California by a woman who wanted to create something beautiful that would bring balance to their busy lives and the lives of others, Chánka has evolved into a lifestyle brand centered on candles and home fragrance.

At Chánka, we believe that a candle is more than just a scent. It's a chance to take a deep breath, push pause and be transported elsewhere, reflect on a cherished memory or dream up an imagined future.

Each of our fragrances is inspired by the relationship between scent and sentimentality, encapsulating a personal experience, especially from my hazy childhood memories of fresh linen drying on the line in summer, to a woodland walk in the rain.

As true fragrance lovers, our founders are always reimagining how to layer traditional scent profiles - floral, fresh, spiced and woody -  to create something contemporary yet familiar. Whether you have a different candle to burn for day of the year, or you’re new to the world of scent, we hope you’ll join us. Because in our view, candles and fragrance are for everybody.

We believe candles can be art, and explore this concept with our hand poured sculptural candles.

We promise to:

Respect the life that surrounds us, by measuring everything against a rigorous set of criteria and continually reviewing our processes to reduce any negative impact on the environment. 

Be 100% cruelty-free and not test on animals. We only use raw materials that do not contain animal products, by-products or derivatives and we only work with like-minded partners who like us, believe in a cruelty-free world. 

Commit to sourcing safe and effective ingredients that have undergone extensive testing, and comply with industry protocols. We believe our product range remains of the highest quality without being harmful to animals or the environment. 

Care for people and the planet equally. All of our partners use fair labour practices and offer transparency in environmental practices. We support the diversity of people and plants.